Terrace roof building permit Austria

A patio canopy is an ideal supplement for staying longer in the garden or on the patio, even when the weather isn't playing along. This guide should help as a first orientation when answering the question of whether a building permit is always required for the planned patio roof and how you can easily obtain a building permit if necessary. First of all, your construction project must always be submitted to the responsible authority.

There are different types of building projects in Austria. Basically, in Austria, a distinction is made between building projects that require a permit, those that require notification and those that are minor, or those that do not require notification and those that do not require a permit. Depending on the federal state and building project, there may be building negotiations. All persons involved are allowed to express their applicable rights. [1]

The following information was compiled from the respective building regulations of the federal states (as of February 2021) and serves as initial information.

Terrace roof building permit Austria

In Austria, construction projects are regulated for each federal state. Depending on the federal state or municipality, a building permit may be required for your patio roof. Regardless of the building permit, building regulations such as minimum distances from neighbors etc. must be observed. You will find links to the building codes and laws at the end of this guide.

It is essential that you obtain information from your responsible municipality before starting construction.

Necessary documents

The following documents are required for each license application (completeness and legal certainty cannot be guaranteed):

  • blueprints
  • written building description
  • Proof of ownership
  • static calculations
  • Energy Performance Certificate

Depending on the construction project, additional documents must be submitted. Ask your local municipality or city which documents are required for your planned patio roof.

Your contact at the municipality

On the website oesterreich.gv.at see more information. The respective municipality can help with questions about your patio roof construction project. Ask your competent authority so that you can clarify the legal situation for your patio roof in advance.

Terrace roofing building permit for each federal state

Different regulations apply depending on the state. Here you will find a rough overview of the respective regulations in your federal state. Whether a building permit is required for your patio roof should always be clarified in advance with the responsible building authority:


Detached outbuildings on building plots and in house gardens up to a size of 20 m² (including garden huts, pool houses, pergola, car port) have been classified as minor construction projects in Burgenland since 2018 and are no longer subject to approval as part of a simplified procedure. A detailed guide to the Burgenland Building Act can be found here:

Guide to the Burgenland Building Act 2019


In Carinthia, you do not need an extra building permit for patio roofs with a floor area of ​​up to 40 m² and a maximum height of 3,50 m. However, the construction project is subject to notification. The fundamentally permit-free construction project for a patio roof must nevertheless comply with the zoning plan, the development plan, the Carinthian building regulations, etc. The builder is responsible for compliance.

Information on building projects in Carinthia

Lower Austria

Depending on the application, different regulations apply to the building permit in Lower Austria. In principle, a patio roof must be approved. You can find guidelines from the state of Lower Austria here:

Building project FAQ of the State of Lower Austria

Upper Austria

In Upper Austria, terrace roofs up to an area of ​​35m² are construction projects that require notification. This means that a building notification must be submitted before construction can begin. More detailed information on building permits in Upper Austria can be found here:

ooh building regulations


In Salzburg you need a permit for every building project or extension. Clarify your planned patio roof in advance with the responsible authority. In Salzburg there is a service center for initial information. Before building your patio roof, be sure to seek advice to find out which documents are required for the patio roof building permit:

Service Center Bauen – State of Salzburg
Online application for a building permit in the city of Salzburg


Terrace roofs up to an area of ​​40 m² do not require a permit. Nevertheless, there is an obligation to notify the construction project. If the area is more than 40 m², a building permit is required.

Find out in advance from your responsible building authority:

Responsible authorities building law Styria


In Tyrol, a building application must be submitted for a patio roof. You can find out which documents are required for this from the Department of Building and Regional Planning Law of the State of Tyrol:

Responsible authority for building law in Tyrol


In Vorarlberg, a distinction is made between building projects that require a permit, those that require notification and those that are free. Ask the competent authority which building project applies to your situation.

Responsible body building law Vorarlberg


In Vienna, the MA37 Building Inspectorate is responsible for terrace roofing. According to Section 62a, shed roofs with a built-up area of ​​no more than 25 m² and a maximum height of 2,50 m measured perpendicularly to the built-up area are possible on areas that can be built on directly, with the exception of protection zones and areas with building bans without a building permit. If it is an extension, a building permit must be obtained. Talk to the responsible office about your building project in advance.

Building police MA37