Order pergolas online: best quality

Our high quality standards set us apart! We at my-pergola24.com know about the excellent quality of our products and regularly receive top ratings from customers.

We can offer this excellent quality at the best price due to our lean corporate structure and online sales channel. Let the comparison convince you: Depending on the region, a conventional pergola, lamellar roof construction and terrace roof costs approx. EUR 1.250 per m2 including VAT (excl. construction) - we at my-pergola24.com can offer the same quality from EUR 700 per m2 incl. VAT (excl. construction). A major factor in the cheap price is our online Pergola configurator: As a customer, you assemble your pergola yourself. With the configurator, you can immediately have all the variants that you like shown in pictures and the costs incurred are also displayed immediately.

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Pergola or slat roof with guarantee: the my-pergola24.com guarantee

We give a 24-month guarantee and warranty on our products if they are installed properly. However, the materials and structures we use are much more durable if they are used according to the instructions. The motors that we use for our slat roofs are waterproof and very durable. We receive regular feedback on this from our enthusiastic customers.

If you still have a warranty claim, please contact us immediately! We will deal with your concerns immediately!

High quality materials and workmanship

For our products we use high-quality aluminum with a wall thickness of 3mm - not 2mm like many other manufacturers.

This enables high strength, durability and stability, which is particularly important in regions with alpine winter conditions. Our constructions can bear high snow loads. When comparing with other manufacturers, be sure to pay attention to this factor: Pergolas and patio roofs are often offered with much less strength. These products do not offer the longevity that you can expect from my-pergola24.com.

All aluminum parts that we use are powder-coated, rust-resistant and ISO-certified. Powder coating is one of the most weather-resistant methods, which will keep your pergola looking new for years. If you live in a snowy area, we recommend additional snow load reinforcement. The slats are reinforced with galvanized steel.

The electronics we use have been awarded a CE mark by the EU.

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