Tips for measuring

The dimensions in the configurator are external dimensions. The base plates of the posts are not included in these dimensions, provided that they have been selected. (+ 8cm all around the post). When the slats are tilted, they protrude approx. 10 cm beyond the external dimensions. If you need certain internal dimensions, consider the 15x15x15cm aluminum tube that goes all around. Always round down to centimeters when space is tight.

You can always call us before ordering and also send us your questions by mail. Please also read the FAQs and assembly instructions before you order, these offer you numerous explanations to frequently asked questions about our slat patio roofs.

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Download PDF - FAQ
Download PDF - General Terms and Conditions
Download PDF - Assembly Instruction
Structure of the aluminum lamella roof
Installation of the motorized side ZIP blinds
Assembly of the lamellas for the lamella roof
Louvre roof wall mounting

The mounting on the wall is different depending on the nature of the building. You can find more information in our slatted roof wall mounting article.

Further questions about assembly

No, but you should at least. have a good craftsman on the construction team. It’s fairly self-explanatory, but certain skilled craftsmanship is required, especially when it comes to power, foundation and alignment. Once that is solved, however, it goes very quickly. You should have at least Allow 2 full set-up days.

You must prepare a frost and storm-proof foundation in balance and take precautions for the power connection (we recommend a high fuse best power line with at least 16 ampere) as well as grounding / lightning protection. You also need at least 4 skilled builders with at least 2 high ladders, better also a mobile scaffold, for the big projects. You need good tools (cordless screwdriver, div. Wrench, hammer, plumb bob, spirit level, percussion drill for the foundation fastening, evt. an angle grinder with metal cutting disc (Flex), should small adjustments be necessary, silicone and associated gun). It is best to set up with enough space so that you can easily place the parts. The construction is not difficult, but you need to read the descriptions well and call if you get stuck. In several hundreds of projects, the setup has always worked very well so far. It is important to follow our advice and read it carefully.

Take care of your children during set-up and operation and ensure proper use. Caution: Danger of crushing the moving parts and danger of burning the heaters. Please always work exactly according to the plan and follow the FAQs and please watch the videos before setting up. deals on a large scale with motorized aluminum pergolas, gazebos, slatted roofs and patio roofs. We have technical teams that review projects and technically savvy sales people. However, we do not have any craftsmen. However, we can recommend companies through our partner network that you can hire separately. However, we do not assume any warranty for assembly work.

Then it is better to call in a professional and hire a handyman to do it. Show him the instructions and videos – it is quite self-explanatory and quickly solvable. The parts are largely pre-assembled.

Nothing that can’t be corrected. However, it is important that you follow the instructions exactly and prepare well. It can be done.

Get a touch-up pen with the right RAL colour and cover the scratches.

The place of the pergola and approx. again the area so that you can move well and place the parts.

If you need help and have questions about the setup, call us free of charge on 0043 800 7000 477 - we will help 7 days a week 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Mail:

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