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Questions about: ordering and configuring pergola

Measure correctly, select taste good and think about the extras well. If once built to order, nothing can be changed and it is also not possible to reorder all the extras later. Certain extras would be too expensive on the way the individual delivery and other can only be realized with the order. Therefore, you would rather take an extra more than enough. It is worthwhile to equip the pergola good. Especially the heating and lighting are very popular features and the motorized side zip blinds that can be controlled automatically by remote condition.

Always measure outside dimensions. We recommend that you take the measurements, record everything and measure again. Incorrect dimensions cannot be changed later. Of the Configurator works in cm increments. If you don't have full centimeters of space left in narrow places, you have to round them off. It is also important to ensure that the pergola, slat roof or patio roof is aligned correctly and horizontally. The internal rain drainage system is already integrated with a small gradient. Width - length and height are always external dimensions in the configurator.

You can online pergolas and slat roofs of widths between 1m and 13,5m, lengths of 1m and 13,5m and heights of 2m and 3,6m in centimeter increments. From 4,5 m, a new field is automatically created and an additional post is added. The configurator calculates it automatically. You can't go wrong here and our technical team checks every project for errors before production and reports if necessary. Everything that is possible in the configurator can also be produced. You can also send us individual inquiries at any time. We also produce special dimensions and shapes and also send you customized offers or help with the configuration. Each project goes through technical control before production and is thoroughly checked by specialist staff. Our support team will also contact you if you have any questions or errors in the configuration.

Yes. You don't have to choose this separately. The slats tilt/rotate but cannot slide sideways. For quality reasons, we have decided not to offer the lateral shift. The stability, durability and snow load are significantly increased by our fixed position.

Yes. You can choose all variants yourself. Since the pergola is made to measure, no changes are possible after the 14-day cancellation period. Ie. You are also responsible for ensuring that you like the pergola and that it is in line with fashion. Unfortunately, we cannot consider complaints about your own color and extra selection. Think carefully about the design. We have also enabled photorealistic representations in the configurator.

Minimum size is 1m (width/length) maximum 13,5 m - selectable in centimeter increments. The height can vary between 2 m and 3,6 m. All dimensions are external dimensions. Therefore, if you want a room height of 2 m inside, please note that you then select at least 2,2 m total height.

Changes are also possible for special requests. However, with regard to statics, we recommend using the suggestions of the configurator.

Pay close attention to what's under the roof. You are responsible for the statics, if one side is not firmly anchored or the substructure is not suitable, then the snow load cannot be guaranteed either.

The configurator shows a photorealistic image. However, the colors may vary. We also announce the exact RAL color codes. You can check these colors in any hardware store using a color palette and, if necessary, tell us your RAL color preferences. 200 standard colors are available in the pergolalouvered roof-Configurator available.

You can cancel and reconfigure the project within the 14-day cancellation period. You can send us small changes by e-mail, which we will include in the technical configurator quality control and pass them on directly to the factory.

No directly in the configurator, but you are welcome to send us your inquiries by email. We are happy to process special shapes and requirements that are not shown in our pergola slat roof configurator. Basically, everything is possible and can be requested. Our producer builds to measure worldwide and is one of the leading Alutech manufacturers.

Yes - ask us. We are happy to take care of individual offers, also for trade, gastronomy and the hotel industry.

Yes. Measure carefully and send us a good sketch of your project by e-mail at office@my-pergola24.com. We can usually send you a CAD drawing with a price offer within 72 hours.

You can see the products in show home parks, at trade fairs, with reference customers in your area or in our showroom in Hallein in Salzburg - Austria. We are also happy to send reference videos and photos.  Contact Us.

Anytime – you can always reach us. Trust and support are our top priority. That's the only way we can get it online orders and we set higher standards for our accessibility and our service than some specialist dealers.

Limited only. It is best to select the extras directly when ordering. It would be too expensive in some cases or it is not possible with certain extras. Therefore, it is better to take an extra more than too little. It is worth equipping the pergola well. Especially the heating and the light are very popular extras and the motorized side zip blinds, which can be controlled automatically by remote control.

my-pergola24.com is below the market and with the extras we offer the largest selection on the market and have even greater price differences. Our goal is to produce motorized aluminum slat roof, patio roof and pergola systems in large quantities with low surcharges. This enables us to achieve incomparable price advantages, especially with the additional functions and extras.

Questions about payment, buyer protection and security

You have a 14-day cancellation period in which you can also notify us of changes to the project. After that, the purchase is binding and goes into production in the factory.

14 days, after which the custom-made order is in production and there is an acceptance, purchase and payment obligation. We cannot take back custom-made plans, which is why the revocation is only valid for 14 days.

Due to the high project prices and because we want to offer the pergolas, slat roofs, terrace roofs here at low prices, only bank transfer is possible. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit cards.

Then please do not order and should you experience a bad fate, we will have to take back the pergola if you pay in installments. However, payments already made will not be refunded. If payment is made in advance, no delivery will be made without payment and production will only take place if the 50% deposit has been received.

No. We need a minimum of documents to check your creditworthiness in order to grant you the loan. Please understand that we can only approve complete applications.

No. It is an installment payment that we will grant you directly without any additional costs and with a simple check.

There are other documents to be provided, but this will be shown to you in the shopping cart during the checkout process. Upload everything completely. After confirmation, payment in installments is also possible.

Yes - the rules for companies apply.

There are many sharp and pointed parts involved in assembly. The wooden box can also splinter. It is best not to let the children play in the immediate vicinity during the set-up period. Not much can happen later in operation. Make sure that no fingers get caught in the operation of the side blinds or slats and that children are not allowed to climb on the roof. The motors have resistances to prevent crushing, but with small children's hands, the resistance may be too low, which is why there is a risk of crushing.

In normal operation there should not be any serious injuries, but crushing is quite possible. So take care of your safety.

We deliver throughout the EU, our manufacturer worldwide and several hundred projects have already been implemented. Numerous satisfied customers in more than 70 countries have already successfully installed our manufacturer quality.

Raise the slats before snow falls. There is nothing more to consider. It also makes sense if you have an electrician install a general power off switch for the circuit.

The slats high, otherwise the attack surface is too large.

Varies depending on the size of the pergola and the number of heaters. A heater has 2.500 watts and a KWh costs about 16-20 cents. Ie. 1 hour operation per heater in about 0,5 EUR you can say about.

The weather station is one of the overestimated extras and can be used incorrectly, e.g. in winter, sleet can cause the roof to close and later snow. It's also a problem if you rely on it when it's windy and don't open the roof. Since we want to offer safe and qualitative systems, we have decided not to list a weather station. Our systems are built in such a way that maximum operator safety is always guaranteed.

We recommend removing the curtains in winter and storing them in the dry. In the summer you can stay outside if you make sure they are well ventilated. They are made of high-quality outdoor fabric.

Yes, but we recommend using a protective cover. Rain can still penetrate from the side and the cold does the rest.

There are no special maintenance or care instructions. Occasionally oil the moving parts for safety. Remove scratches or cover them with touch-up paint to avoid consequential damage after installation. In winter, we advise against operating at very low temperatures.

Note the frequently asked questions here and pay attention to proper construction and safe use.

Follow the user manual in detail and watch the videos on our website several times. Then it should work. Print out the user manual. Certain extras may not be explicitly mentioned in the assembly instructions or shown in the videos. If you have any questions, just call us anytime. It's pretty self explanatory.

At any time with our support. We'll get back to you quickly.

Questions about delivery

After the 14-day cancellation period and the deposit has been paid, the pergola will be irrevocably put into production. It will be delivered after approx. 15-18 weeks.

Yes. Photos of certain milestones in production are gladly shown in the customer account or by e-mail. eg. you will receive photos as soon as the pergola has been built in the raw aluminum state and it is tested before powder coating. We're even working on videos that we want to make available. You will then receive photos of the packaged condition so that you can better assess the delivery.

Yes, delivery is free. Unloading at the address, as far as access is possible. Note the weight of the pergola on the storage area and protect it from rain.

If the delivery has visible transport damage, take photos and note this on the handover protocol with the forwarding agent and send us an email.

We'll try to find a solution as soon as possible. Send us photos and we will endeavor to supply a replacement. However, since these are made-to-measure pergolas, patio roofs, slat roofs, an exchange or replacement delivery can unfortunately take up to 18 weeks. As a rule, however, there is no delivery damage and no essential parts have been missing so far. We can deliver small and standard parts more quickly. Custom parts take longer. However, screws can be bought at any hardware store. It is standardized standard stainless steel goods.

Yes, in exceptional cases, we will contact you in good time.

Yes. We are often in contact and you will receive a delivery date from the carrier and will be called.

No. It will be delivered to the delivery address by truck as far as possible.

By default, you unload. If they can't, then you need to explicitly tell the carrier so they know to unload it. That can be decisive which truck he sends. Please address when calling.

The wooden box and parts can withstand some water. However, protect the goods from moisture and rain and, if necessary, cover them with a tarpaulin. The electrical parts should not get wet or damp before installation.

Yes, but you have to commission the crane yourself. We assume no liability for further transport or exact placement.

Questions about construction

No, but you should have at least one good craftsman on the construction team. It is quite self-explanatory, but certain technical knowledge must be observed, especially when it comes to electricity, foundation and alignment. Once that's resolved, it's very quick. You should plan at least 2 full set-up days.

You must prepare a frost- and storm-proof foundation and provisions for the power connection (we recommend a high fuse, preferably a power line with at least 16 amperes) as well as grounding/lightning protection. You also need at least 4 technically competent assembly helpers with at least 2 high standing ladders, or better yet, mobile scaffolding for large projects. You need good tools (cordless screwdriver, various wrenches, hammer, plumb bob, spirit level, percussion drill for fixing the foundation, possibly an angle grinder with a metal cutting disc (flex), if small adjustments are necessary, silicone and the gun that comes with it). It is best to set up with enough space so that you can place the parts well. It's not difficult to assemble, but you'll need to read the descriptions carefully and call if you're not sure. With several hundred projects, the structure has always worked very well so far. It is important to follow our advice and read it carefully.

Pay attention to your children during assembly and operation and to proper use. Warning Danger of crushing by the moving parts and danger of burns by the heaters. Please always work exactly according to the plan and pay attention to the FAQs and watch the videos before assembly.

my-pergola24.com deals on a large scale with motorized aluminum pergolas, pavilions, slat roofs and patio roofs. We have technical teams reviewing projects and tech-savvy sales people. However, we do not have any craftsmen. However, we can recommend companies through our partner network that you can commission separately. However, we do not assume any liability for construction work.

Then it is better to call in a professional and hire a craftsman to do it. Show him the instructions and videos - it is quite self-explanatory and can be solved quickly. The parts are largely pre-assembled.

Nothing that cannot be corrected. However, it is important that you follow the instructions exactly and prepare well. It's doable.

Get a paint stick with the right RAL color and cover the scratches.

The place of the pergola and approx. again the area so that you can move around easily and place the parts.

Technical questions about the product

The products from my-pergola24.com are built with high-quality aluminum 6005-T5 (alternative names of the alloy: UNS A96005; ISO AlSiMg; Aluminum 6005-T5; AA6005-T5; Al6005-T5) with a wall thickness of 3mm. This achieves high quality, strength and durability. All load-bearing parts including the slats in 3mm wall thickness. Pay attention to this when comparing: hardware stores often sell inexpensive pergolas, slat roofs and patio roofs with a thickness of 2mm. The specialist trade relies on 3mm and thus achieves higher rigidity and load capacity, which are very important, especially in regions where there are also alpine winter conditions. Side parts are built at my-pergola24.com with a wall thickness of 2,2mm. All parts are powder coated and rust resistant. Small parts and screws made of stainless steel (high quality) For increased snow loads, the slats are reinforced with galvanized steel.

The motor for moving the slats is made of waterproof stainless steel and drives the slats with 300 N. It is designed for a service life of at least 10 years.

Yes - it is 70% pre-installed according to EU-compliant specifications and is CE tested.

Aluminum and stainless steel are used for the most part, certain components are made of corrosion-resistant steel. Damage can occur here.

The pergola or the slat roof carries approx. 180 kg of snow per m2. This depends on the span of the slats. Our models have an additional post every 4,5 m to secure the load. If you choose the snow load reinforcement, the load increases to 250kg per m2 due to the steel reinforcement of the slats. This corresponds to approx. 1 m3 of snow. Nevertheless, it is necessary to open the slats before heavy snowfall in winter and not take any risks. In commercial use, a structural engineer must be involved in the project planning and we must advise against people staying under the pergola when it snows. Clear the snow off the roof and don't take any unnecessary risks, you can't estimate the weight of the snow that falls in a day. The slats must be open beforehand. In any case, before setting up, find out the minimum snow load that roofs in your region/municipality must have. There are minimum requirements per municipality, which are given in Newton. 1.000 N is 102 kg. With the pergola from my-pergola24.com you have a good standard. also for wintry regions. However, in the event of exceptional snowfall, the pergola must be cleared or, ideally, opened.

The metal becomes statically charged and attracts paint powder. In the heat process, the powder runs into paint and thus permanently encloses the metal. It is a very weather-resistant process.

Usually no, but it depends on where you live and the size of the pergola, patio cover or pergola you are configuring. The type of foundation or the place where you set it up or the planned height can also make a building permit necessary. It is best to inquire about this with your building authority before ordering and clarify this well.

Depending on the extras, approx. 25-30 kg per m2. The configurator shows you the total weight. It may differ minimally in the finished product. However, not decisive. E.g. with a roof terrace on the storm-proof and static possibility of being able to build it up safely.

Different places require different attachments. The foundation should be frost-proof and level. It should withstand high wind speeds. We would be happy to advise you if you contact us.

Don't underestimate the power of wind, water and snow. Therefore, fasten everything well and attach great importance to it here. We recommend opening the slats when it is windy so that the wind does not have a large surface area to attack.

A light breeze is no problem. It is even nice to use the roller blinds to protect you from the sun and light breezes. The zip roller blinds can be damaged in gusts, wind and storms. Never go down in the wind.

No - it is a complete kit and has essential parts pre-installed. The rain drainage system or the motors are e.g. installed, but the pergola must be assembled and screwed. The electrical system is pre-installed, but a connection of the consumers to the circuit must be made, which is why we recommend an electrician. If a rain sheet is missing for a roof connection, so that it does not drip between the wall and the aluminum post, we also recommend using a plumber.

In principle, a standard circuit with 16 amps x 230 volts = 3.7 kw is sufficient to operate the slats and a maximum of 2 side blinds. If you have other extras such as If you have configured light and heating or additional side blinds, we recommend connecting to a high-voltage circuit with at least 16 amp fuses and 6,4 kW. The heating in particular requires a certain amount of electricity. If there are more than 2 heaters, a 3-phase 11,1 kw line should be used.

Yes, we expressly recommend connection to lightning protection or adequate grounding.

Yes, the exact alignment is very important for the construction and that the pergola then closes the roof well.

It is very important that you do not damage or kink the LED tubes and light installation during assembly. If a hose kinks, it's broken. A subsequent delivery takes a long time because they are made to measure. Also, don't over-voltage the LEDs when installing them and only plug them into our system - not other power test sources.

We sell EU compliant splash proof high quality infrared heaters. These get very hot. Do not install in areas where there is a risk of burns and be careful of children. Important, at the end of a heating process, let them cool down. A cover is not necessary. The heaters are operated with a remote control. Make sure they're only on if you want them to be. Otherwise it costs energy unnecessarily and can also become dangerous if they are switched on for days or weeks if they are in continuous operation for too long. Remember that the heater requires a large current load and protect it well in a safe circuit that can handle the loads. The heater must be connected to a high-voltage circuit if you want long-term safe operation. Up to 2.500 watts come together per radiant heater. With other things on the circuit, a regular outlet can soon reach its limit.

We recommend heavy current. In principle, however, a normal 230 V circuit is sufficient. The more extras and if with heating, it must be high-voltage current with at least 6,4 kW of power.

yes we recommend

Load-bearing parts (uprights, slats, etc.) 3mm - side parts not load-bearing 2,2mm

That's fine. Many are used as carports and are a very good alternative to conventional carports. But only consider the snow load in certain regions.

Special formats can be requested at any time. 3-6-sided - as a U or other special shapes are possible. Always send us accurate sketches.

Yes - we strongly recommend.

The electrics have a CE seal of approval, but there is no test report. This can only be done after installation by your electrician.

No, you would have to apply for this yourself at the test center after assembly, since proper assembly is crucial here. In the commercial sector, TÜV certification is mandatory and we recommend it before it goes into operation for guests.

The pergola is rainproof. Only heavy rain and lateral rain can cause wetness. If you choose a roof connection, then you should have the plumber install a rain guard between the wall/pergola/patio roof so that it overlaps and no water runs down the wall.

No. You usually need 1 tube of silicone, suitable for outdoor use, to seal the rainwater channel after screwing it on. Also think of the pistol that you also need for this.

Yes. If something is missing, please let us know or get a replacement from a hardware store if you need it quickly.

Guarantee and Warranty Questions

Contact our support hotline or write to us at support@my-pergola24.com. We try very hard to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and you will see that we take your concerns very seriously and work in a solution-oriented manner. However, we assume no liability for damage caused by improper assembly. We offer the pergola patio roof slat roof systems exclusively with self-assembly.

In principle, we give a 24-month guarantee and warranty, provided that the assembly has been carried out properly. But we know from experience that parts such as Stainless steel, aluminum and the motors achieve longer durability with proper use. Certain projects from our manufacturer have been in place for more than 10 years and are still working perfectly. The motors are also waterproof and built to last. So there shouldn't be any problems within the 24-month warranty period. If so, please write to us immediately. We try to respond.

We will reply promptly. However, the duration of the solution depends on the problem. We can assure you that we are very customer-friendly and solution-oriented.

Comparable pergola, slat roofs, terrace roofs and motorized Alutech project constructions cost from EUR 1.250 per m2 incl. VAT excl. structure. my-pergola24.com is cheaper due to the high quantity and lean company structure and the online sales channel and offers equivalent products from 750-900 EUR per m2. incl. VAT excl. assembly depending on size. We have lower surcharges and a self-explanatory presentation due to the online configurator.

For scratches, we recommend getting a touch-up pen in the RAL color to touch up. For major damage, we recommend contacting us so that we can discuss the appropriate and cost-effective solution with you. We are happy to help, but cannot assume any guarantees or liability for improper assembly or damage caused by third parties.

Yes. We have a very high level of business liability and legal protection insurance. We have never used them due to good planning and quality as well as good support, but we are convinced that this is an investment in our credibility and having satisfied customers is an important selling point. We live from the recommendation.

General questions and questions from traders

Yes. We also work with model home parks, trade fairs and dealers. Are you e.g. a conservatory or window fitter, locksmith or roofer, etc., then you can contact us and sign a distribution agreement with us. You receive commission and can set up your own dealer shop on our website and manage your customers and plans in this area.

Yes. We have certified partner companies and it is possible that you have already seen my-pergola24.com products with other logos. We are retailers and wholesalers and deliver directly from the factory to well-known partners. The systems are only available here in the web shop at my-pergola24.com.

We assume no liability for the set-up, but are happy to establish contacts. If you would like to offer our system to our customers for installation at your own expense and liability, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will add you to our contact database if you can show us that you qualify.

Because we use a tight organization, calculation, a large number of items and the online sales channel to pass on price advantages.

We work with one of the world's leading Alutech specialists in motorized electric pergolas, patio roofs, aluminum slat roofs. We produce each project only to measure and are very specialized in this handling. my-pergola24.com is the trading platform of 2Mountain-Development GmbH based in Hallein, Salzburg Austria. At this address you can also come and see pergolas in person and make an appointment for a consultation.

In Hallein, Salzburg - Austria for corporate customers and at the consumer's place of business, depending on the country's consumer protection regulations.

You have 24-hour planning options and immediate price information and can self-explanatory make several configurations until you have decided. We also offer detailed support and lots of information online about motorized aluminum slat roofs, pergolas, patio roofs and carports. Our price and our product quality are unbeatable, as is the 0% installment payment with 36 months of free credit.

The 2Mountain-Development GmbH based in the commercial area Neualmerstraße 37, 5400 Hallein - state of Salzburg in Austria.

my-pergola24.com – 2Mountain Development GmbH