Properly seal the louvered roof

When assembling it yourself, it is also important to seal the slat roof so that you can enjoy the pergola for a long time.


Use a high quality UV resistant and quick drying silicone in your pergola color.

You can also use acrylic or bitumen sealant. In certain places that are free and invisible in normal use, underbody protection is even recommended for brushing on.

The following points must be checked and sealed well:

  • Corner joints of the drip trays (bottom joint, side joints and screws)
  • Cover plates on the roof on all cross connections and corner connections (joints and screws - if necessary with underbody protection)
  • Engine maintenance cover (joints and screws, possibly underbody protection)
  • Lateral slat cover plates with silicone (only if the LED strip is in the slat)
  • Central support (sealed with window sealant at the factory) – only check the connection point before assembly

Check the result in heavy rain. Dry the areas and touch up if necessary.

When assembling it yourself, it is important to seal the slat roof so that you can enjoy the pergola for a long time.

Further tips for optimally sealing a slatted roof:

  • If the slats are not completely rainproof, then check the position of the slats on the push rod or the position of the end plates on the side.
  • If the fins are not fixed to the push rod completely closed, there may be a small opening where the seal does not sit.
  • If the end plates are too tight, they can press on the slats and the seals don't sit completely. It can then drip in heavy rain.
  • Also note that the remote control for the louvered roof is not waterproof and should not be left outside permanently. You should keep these in the living room when you are not using the pergola.


If you grind or flex stainless steel parts during self-assembly, they can rust - a rust inhibitor must be applied here. The slat roof is factory-made rust-free, durable and maintenance-free.

If all points have been carried out conscientiously, this is louvered roof rainproof and you will enjoy it for many years without maintenance.

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