Programming / pairing the remote control

The remote control is pre-programmed at the factory and works as soon as the slat roof is connected to the power supply.

  • Channel 0 = all controllable elements closed/open
  • Channel 1 to X = controllable side panels individually open/close
  • The next channel = roof slats closed/open

However, if for any reason it should be necessary to re-establish the connection, you will find out how to do it here:

Connecting (pairing) the handheld remote control to the wall switch

  1. Hold the middle button for about 5 seconds until the LED above the buttons starts flashing.
  2. In the second step, press the «up» arrow key on the remote control
  3.  If this does not work, then remove the cover and press the right button, which activates pairing mode.

Connecting (pairing) the remote control to the slats and zip blind motors

  1. Connect the motor to power. Then they hear a «Di» hum from the motor
  2. Then press one of the two «P2» buttons on the back of the remote control
  3. Now you hear the “Di” hum from the motor twice
  4. Finally, press the «up» arrow button on the remote control
  5. After successful pairing, the “Di” buzzer sounds again from the motor
  6. This completes the setup

In order to pair the Zips, it is important that each Zip is powered individually.

TIP for the electrical supply

You can before that louvered roof install a central power on/off switch. You can control the central power supply yourself and the slatted roof is not constantly powered.

Connect the cables with the supplied clamps and make sure that the labels on the cables are followed. Call in an electrician to check all connections and make them professional.

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