Louvered roof construction with Mark cooler

Mark Kühler is the do-it-yourself king. As a trained master bricklayer, Mark knows exactly what is important in construction. We were allowed to accompany Mark during the construction of his new slat roof from my-pergola24.

Mark guides us through the most important steps and shows how he does his louvered roof took the necessary steps.

Planning and execution

Mark is planning a pergola roof for his backyard to protect his pool from dirt and debris.

For his slat roof, he contacted the support of my-pergola24.com and planned his project. After the final approval of the production drawing, the slatted roof went directly into production.

The freight forwarder then delivered the specially configured slat roof right to Mark's front door.

We were allowed to mark the Lamella roof structure with one of ours construction partner accompany. You can find out more in the video.

small parts and tools

The small parts supplied are packed in such a way that everything that belongs together is also packed together. The necessary tools are included. We also recommend your own tools and, depending on the circumstances, support from a specialist.


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Lamella roof assembly in 10 steps

Step 1: Assemble Support Posts & Roof Beams

Position the support posts and roof beams level and straight.

TIP: Screw clamps help when screwing the posts and crossbeams together.

Step 1: Assemble Support Posts & Roof Beams
Mounting the rain sheet on the louvered roof

Step 2: Mount the rain plate

Screw on the rain guards. If you have opted for indirect LED lighting, mount it as described in the video.

Step 3: Seal with silicone and screw the panels together

Use silicone to seal and screw the panels in the corners.

Seal with silicone and screw on the covers
Prepare cover plates for slats

Step 4: Prepare cover plates

Prepare the cover plates as shown in the video. Here is a detail shot: Youtube (opens in new tab)

Step 5: Mount cover plates

Prepare the cover plates.

TIP: The drive lamella shows you how the other lamellas have to be screwed.

Mount the rotation bearing on the louvered roof

Step 6: Mount the rotary bearing

Insert the rotary bearings. Make sure you are on the right page.

Step 7: Insert slats

Insert the slats into the rotary bearings.

Insert slats
Snap in the fixing clip and connect the slats

Step 8: Snap in the fixing clip & connect the slats

Fix the slats with the associated fixing clip and connect the slats with the push rod

ATTENTION: The slats must be closed when installing the motor.

Step 9: Fix covers & mount ZIP roller blinds

Screw the remaining covers and mount the optional zip roller blinds.

Mount covers and zip roller blinds on the slatted roof
Connection by electrician

Step 10: Connection of the electrical lines by a specialist

Have the electrical cables of your slat roof connected by a specialist.

Additional links for construction

We would be happy to advise you on the configuration of your slat roof. Visit our Louvered roof configurator and plan your pergola. Check out our post on the topic for tips and guidance Lamella roof structure. Visit our FAQ or if you have any questions, please contact us directly Email or call us.