How do you install the Zip motorized blinds?

The zip motor blinds of your pergola roof are very easy to install. In the following article you will find all the information about installing your zip roller blinds.

Table of Contents

Motor zip roller blinds installation

Dismantle zip blinds

  • Remove the 2 small screws on the bezel.
  • Fold down the panel and put it to one side.
  • Loosen the zip roller blind at the 4 screws, lift it out - use a little force and put it aside
  • Loosen side rails at 4 - 6 screws and disassemble 3 parts.

Mount zip bar and body

  • Fix the zip strip flush with the zip body on the outside with metal screws
  • several points at the top of the body and guide rails

Install zip roller blinds

  • Now you can route the power cables accordingly.
    (Tip: Use a guide wire so you can easily pull in the power cords.)
  • Hold the fabric rolled up under tension (= 0 position) and insert.
  • Fix zip with two screws.

Insert panel + zip

Now you can insert the bezel. To do this, tilt up and turn down.

  • If it gets stuck - remove 5 mm from the upper profile with a hacksaw.
  • We recommend 3 people to assemble.
  • You can then insert and position the zip fabric in the guide rail.
  • Press foam into profile
  • Then attach the panel and make sure that the foams are pressed into the panel profile.
  • The zip fastener must be in the guide rail

Screw everything

Now you can screw everything together. Repeat the process for the other zip blinds according to the instructions. When you have all the zip-up blinds on your pergola mounted, they should all be in the 0 position. The label on the zip shows the number on the remote control.

  • 0 = all
  • 1-x = Zips individually
  • Roof open/close/stop

Tip – The quick way to assemble

You can also quickly assemble the ZIP motorized roller blinds without dismantling and only attach them to the frame using the side rails. The roller blind boxes then sit on the rails, which are screwed to the frame.

All you have to do is dismantle the guide rails and lift the boxes into the intended position. Then screw the rails to the frame and the zips sit on. Now guide the zipper into the guide rail and reattach the panel. This type of installation is sufficient for smaller ZIP systems. With longer ZIP boxes, the more complex disassembly is recommended because you can get the gap dimensions nicer and you can also screw the Zips into the upper box.

What to do if the Zips jam or unroll with difficulty?

  • Check if that louvered roof is level and the right angle is correct. Measure the diagonals, they must be identical.
  • Check whether the foam spacers are stuck on the guide rails - loosen them
  • If that doesn't help, then remove the foam spacers to give the guide rail more play
  • Lubricate and grease the guide rails - WD40 or silicone spray

Other important information

The ZIP motorized roller blinds have overload protection and become warm after repeated use. Simply wait 10 minutes, then the motor can be controlled again.

If there is something under the zip when unrolling - e.g. a chair and the Zip unrolls at an angle or gets stuck, then do not immediately go up and roll up at an angle. Remove the obstacle and push the zip down until it is straight again. Now roll it up again or continue to roll it out.

Adjusting the Motorized Zip Shades

The delivery includes a plastic rod with which you can adjust the height of the holes in the zip system.

Press down on the remote control and turn left in the top hole - the zip will now stop further off the ground. Now press down on the remote control and slowly turn to the right, the Zip will gradually move downwards. For the other hole, set the top indent. Left: it stops earlier, then press up on the remote control and turn right and it stops further up.

Adjust the slat roof zip roller blind - my-pergola24

Additional links and support

When installing the ZIP roller blinds, make sure that you have the appropriate tools and helpers. Visit our FAQ or if you have any questions, please contact us directly Email or call us.