Dowel plate or foundation sleeve

The storm-proof and high-tensile anchorage in the foundation is the decisive construction step when assembling the slat roof.

Decide on the appropriate fastening downwards before purchasing. The louvered roof must be aligned at right angles and level so that all side parts and the roof technology work. Depending on the substrate, we offer two types of attachment.

If you create new foundations, then pay attention to the alignment in balance. With the dowel plates, the foundation should have the dimensions of at least 30 cm wide x 30 cm long x 60 cm deep. The foundation sleeves require the dimensions of at least 15 cm wide x 15 cm long x 60 cm deep. The wider and longer you create the foundation, the more leeway you have later for precise positioning.

dowel plates

The Construction is easier to do with dowel plates, because you can set up the posts before you align them and only then screw them into the foundation. We supply the M12 concrete screws. To do this, pre-drill the hole in the foundation with an M10 drill bit and then tighten the screws with force.

Advantage: easier assembly


Always align the uprights precisely using the spirit level. Any inaccuracy can increase and in the end it can be e.g. Problems with the assembly of side panels. It is therefore important that the pergola is at right angles and level. Take enough time for this and, if necessary, call in a good craftsman.

foundation sleeves

For existing terraces with a large slope, we supply a spacer assembly set with an M30 threaded rod - additional plate to screw on and the corresponding nuts. The threaded rod is then glued into the foundation with assembly mortar (e.g. Fischer FIS SB High Speed ​​390s Superbond mortar). You can then regulate the distances well with the nuts.

However, you can also place the foundation sleeve directly on the concrete with drop-in anchors. For small distances, we recommend spacer blocks, terrace pads, washers or tailor-made pipe sections, which you fit under the foundation sleeve using the drop-in anchors in order to achieve the required distances for horizontal alignment.

Advantage: optically the most appealing type of installation

Additional links and support

Our support team will be happy to advise you ( or t 0043 800 7000 477) as you her louvered roof best fastened to the foundation. Call us or write to us and send us photos of your assembly situation with a sketch of your idea.