Care and maintenance of the pergola

The louvered roofs from are built for decades and special care and maintenance is not required.

After assembly and delivery, there may be small dirt and scratches on the slatted roof or the textiles. This is best removed with the aluminum PVC cleaner from the company Berner or equivalent cleaning agents. It is best to use a white cleaning cloth for cleaning. This should be clean, especially if you apply the cleaning agent to both sides of light-colored textiles.

Touch up small scratches with the appropriate touch-up pen in your RAL colour. You can do this at like to reorder.

Luckily, deep scratches that occur during construction rarely occur, but these can also be easily repaired. Lightly sand the powder coating and patch the scratch. Then paint gently and several times with a matt spray can in your RAL colour. With good skill, nothing can be seen afterwards.

Experience has shown that the slat roofs are from but generally maintenance-free and built for continuous use in any weather.

Annual care and maintenance:

  • It is advisable to lubricate the moving parts annually with silicone spray or comparable grease. You can also use the guide rails ZIP motorized blinds fat with it.
  • Also check whether each slat is firmly attached to the connecting rod and retighten the screws if necessary.

After several years:

  • The color of the slatted roof can easily be reactivated with a color refresher spray. This only takes a little time, but it is worth it in the end.
  • Brittle silicone spots can be tightened


Even if you have selected snow load reinforcement, raise the slats when it snows. You never know how much it will snow and avoid deflection of the slats during excessive snowfall.

You will enjoy your slat roof for many years and decades.

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